About Us

Castellan* Systems was started by Michael A. Velez B.Math DipPM when he thought that other Project Managers may want to use a tool like ProMan. He began putting together Foundations when he started working for an organisation that didn't really have a project management framework; he was going to offer it free to that organisation but that's another story.

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*A Castellan is the keeper or governor of a castle. Michael was born in Madrid, Spain. Madrid is located in the region of Castile, or Castilla in Spanish; it means "land of castles". That makes him a "Castellano" and hence "Castellan Systems".


Castellan Systems provide practical solutions for Project Managers; from a structured, but down to Earth, project management framework, to tools that reduce the mountain of paperwork that a Project Manager usually faces. This allows Project Managers to spend more time with the project team and ensure that they have a better grasp on what's happening.

These days there is a strong push for what is called "Agile Management". The Project Management tools available from Castellan Systems are equally, if not more, appropriate to an "Agile" environment. The more agile or dynamic an project environment is, the more important strong project management principles and processes are. In a fast moving project environment things can go wrong very quickly and if the project management disciplines are not strongly applied these problems may not be picked up until it's too late. A tool like ProMan allows a Agile Project Manager to apply a strong project management discipline while reducing the time to perform these tasks.