Our Characters

At Castellan Systems we use various characters to represent our solutions:

Condotiero Warrior Rodrigo: the great leader who accepts the contract and fights the chaos of paperwork that a Project Manager encounters in his day-to-day life.
Surveyor Warrior Ramón: he surveys the path ahead to advices as to the direction of the idea.
Scribe Warrior Tomas: he works away collating and transcribing the numbers.
ClockKeeper Knight Diego: he keeps track of time so that the Project Manager can forecast the outcome.
QuarterMaster wagoner Sancho the Peasant: he delivers supplies to the Project Manager to maintain the fight against chaos.
RAIDer Viking Olaf the Fat: he creates chaos and issues that a Project Manager needs to fight off.
Librarian Monk Ignacio: he looks after the library where the knowledge is held.
Foundation builder Pedro: he builds the foundations that the Project Manager uses to perform his job.
Vendor Antonio: he sells products and services to the Project Manager.

Michael The Boss: And finally Michael, the guy that makes this all work.