About Michael


Castellan Systems was founded by Michael A. Velez. At the time he turned on the lights in the morning and swept up at the end of the day.

Michael lives in Wollongong, Australia, although he was born in Madrid, Spain. He was educated mostly in Wollongong, Australia, graduating from its fine and much awarded University with a Batchelor of Mathematics degree, majoring in Computer Science and Mathematics (“Information Technology”, as a term, had not yet been invented!).

His personal interests are in History, with a strong passion for the Crusades and the Napoleonic period. He also loves movies of any era, but generally passes on soapie girly flics. Since he also has a strong interest in aircraft, watching war movies can prove interesting as he picks the wrong aircraft used to represent historical aircraft.

Since he was born in Spain, Football (or Soccer to some people) is like a religion, with Real Madrid as his team. Of course he also follows Spain and Australia and prays every World Cup that they don't have to play against each other.

He's married with two daughters; they are 10 years apart which bring with it its own challenges. As already stated, they live in Wollongong - a great city by the sea. Wollongong is Australia's ninth largest city, with a population approaching 200,000. Located 80 kilometres south of Sydney, Wollongong covers 714 square kilometres and occupies a narrow coastal strip bordered by the Royal National Park to the north, Lake Illawarra to the south, the Tasman Sea to the east and the Illawarra escarpment to the west.

Professional Background

Michael has worked in the Information Technology business for over 37 years. In that time he has worked for large corporations like BHP Steel, BHP Information Technology, CSC Australia, ING Australia and Pillar Adminstration. In that time Michael has performed a wide variety of roles from Developer, Systems Analyst, Business Systems Analyst, Support Manager, Project Manager, Programme Manager and Portfolio Manager. During his career, Michael has supported a varied range of customers from those working in heavy industry, manufacturing and financial services. Michael's various roles have exposed him to a number of technologies in the infrastructure and application space.

For over 26 years he's been an IT project manager, Programme Manager and/or Portfolio Manager with customers like BlueScope Steel's Port Kembla Steelworks, ING Australia and Pillar Administration. During that time, for his own personal benefit, he began the development of his first personal system, ProMan, to save him time doing paperwork and give him more time with the project team.

Besides his university qualifications and years of experience in Project Management, Michael holds a Diploma of Project Management and is an accredited MSP Practitioner.

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