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Castellan Tools is a free download for you to enjoy. Yes, we did say free; we'll charge you nothing. We found them useful and thought we could make then available to others. We have used similar free tools from other developers and they have saved us a lot of work. For which we're very grateful.

Castellan Tools Access Addin comprises 5 distinct tools:

  • Colour Calculator is a simple tool that allows you to convert RGB colour codes to Hex and CMYK codes and vice se versa.

  • Remove DSN Links is a simple tool that allows you to convert your linked database tables to DSN-less connections.

  • Ribbon Assistant is a tool that helps you build ribbons for your Access applications with your own icons.

  • SLQ to VBA is a simple tool that allows you to convert SQL to the corresponding VBA code that can simply be copied and pasted into your code.

  • TransparentMaker is a simple tool that allows you to make a bitmap graphic's background transparent (supports loading of GIF, BMP, Jpeg, EMF and WMF; file saved to EMF format).

The tools are also available as a standalone application but with the added bonus of an extra tool on top of the 5 mentioned above:

  • Access Database Health Check is a tool that reports on potential issues with the structure of Access databases. It makes no changes to the databases you examine. The tool is intended for developers to check their application during design, and consultants who examine others' databases.

Go to the Download page to get it.