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A clockkeeper, sometimes seen as clock keeper, refers to a form of employment seen prevalently during Middle Age Europe involving the tracking of time and the maintaining of clocks and other timekeeping devices. ClockKeeper is an application which enables you to track, manage and control employee time and attendance for uncompromised cost management. But unlike most of similar systems, ClockKeeper has been built with the Project Manager in mind.

The package provides all of the standard functionality that similar time recording systems do, but where it excels in in the assistance it provides the Project Manager to track of actual effort charged to their project and match it against their budget/estimate.

Version 4.1 works hand-in-hand with our new project management suite, Conditiero, to manage effort recorded to project in a structured and controlled manner that gives the Project Manager total control while simplifying the process of reviewing, approving and accepting actual effort spent. Linking to the Condotiero database now occurs automatically on first start if the database is present on the same SQL server that the ClockKeeper database has been installed in.

So what does ClockKeeper do?

WBS Screen

ClockKeeper defines projects to which time can be recorded. It defines the Project Manager who needs to approve any allocated time and the client to whom the costs will be passed on.

Finally when a project has been completed, ClockKeeper closes it so that no more time can be recorded.

ClockKeeper Version 2.0 introduces the concept of sub-projects. This is mostly used when a large project or programme is broken down into smaller parts.

Also when these sub-projects have been completed, ClockKeeper closes them so that no more time can be recorded.

Customers Screen

WBS Screen

ClockKeeper defines projects’ work breakdown structures and planned resource type for more efficient time recording.

ClockKeeper defines multi-level customer structures for precised billing to clients.

Customers Screen

Admin Screen

ClockKeeper defines non billable categories for employees’ time recording.

ClockKeeper defines which employees are allowed to record time to individual projects.

Team Screen

Staff Screen

ClockKeeper defines employee roles and their internal and external change rates.

ClockKeeper records an employees’ time, allowing for submission for approval in a controlled manner.

Main Screen

Adjust Screen

ClockKeeper allows corrections/adjustments of passed/approved time in a controlled manner.

ClockKeeper allows the project manager to review and approved time recorded to their project.

PM Approval Screen

Admin Approval Screen

ClockKeeper allows the administrator to review and approved time recorded to non-billable activities.

ClockKeeper allows the administrator to monitor the time recording and approval process and send reminders when required.

ClockKeeper allows the administrator to close a time recording week to prevent uncontrolled changes.

ClockKeeper provides various extracts and reports including invoices and timesheet details.

Extracts Screen