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Castellan* Systems was founded by Michael A. Velez B.Math DipPM MSP in 2011 when, after developing a tool for his personal use called ProMan, he thought that other Project Managers could benefit from a tool like ProMan; Michael began developing ProMan while he was working for a large multi-national organisation in Australia. It was as a response to the lack of project management tools provided by that organisation; but he saw the potential of expanding ProMan beyond those confines.

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ProMan has now evolved into Condotiero and its Agile brother Almogavar. While the initial goal was to help project managers find out whether their projects are on track, it soon grew into a full, holistic view of what was required in order to completely monitor the Project Management Triangle.

In 2010 Michael began putting together Foundations when he started working for an organisation that didn't really have a project management framework; in fact he was the first purposely hired IT Project Manager by that organisation. He was going to offer it free to that organisation but that's another story.

In 2012 QuarterMaster was created in response to an intransigent resource manager at a company where Michael was consulting. In 2016 a similar situation (this time the IT department) resulted in ClockKeeper. The rest of our solutions have come from the fertile mind of our Managing Director and founder.

From 2015 Castellan Systems evolved ProMan into Condotiero which was soon followed by its Agile brother Almogavar. Following their release, development began on other useful applications that support the Project Management Office (PMO) to deliver for their clients. We're continually upgrading theses applications to provide even more assistance to our customers; recently we added Document Management (DMS) facilities and additional collaboration functionality, like built-in Email and Instant Messaging (IM).

After completing the suite of Project Management based systems our Manging Director envisaged, he changed Castellan Systems' mission into other areas of information management beyond project management and its supporting processes. We had already developed some such solutions, but they were more of a diversion than driven by our mission.

In 2021 he formally redefined our vision and mission to supporting small businesses with their information management needs. This has lead to the development of new applications to support businesses, especially with supply-chain management. It also has lead to significant enhancements to those solutions we developed as diversion, as mentioned above.

Castellan Systems is located in Wollongong, Australia's ninth largest city. Wollongong has a long a proud history in Information Technology and possesses a vibrant IT industry that has grown around its fine university, from whose rank of graduates we've drawn the bulk of our team members.

*A Castellan is the keeper or governor of a castle. Michael was born in Madrid, Spain. Madrid is located in the region of Castile, or Castilla in Spanish; it means "land of castles". That makes him a "Castellano" and hence "Castellan Systems".


Castellan Systems provide practical solutions for small businesses; from supporting their project management efforts to business operational requirements. We provide a full suite of solutions to support the project execution. We also provide information management solutions for other types of business operations, like hospitals and manufacturers.

Information Management is just that, information management. It's just a matter of understanding what information is generated, what information needs to be stored, what information needs to be derived and who and how that information needs to be viewed. We're not building production control solutions; we leave that to industry experts.

At Castellan Systems we believe that applications should not only be functional but also pleasant to look at. That's why we put a lot of effort into making them look as nice as possible. The user experience is very important to us! It's not a matter of just making them "pretty", it's a matter of making them as easy to use as possible. If you spend a lot of time looking at a screen, the easier it is to read and the more pleseant it is to look at, the more efficient you'll be.

While we have a suite of solutions available, and new potential ideas, we're happy to discuss with a prospective client any ideas they may have for a new application to suit their needs, as we did when we created Almoner. You just need to arouse our interest.

More recently, we created Celador as a response to a personal trajedy suffered by our Managing Director. Actually, we didn't create it, he did. Now we're working on a trilogy of applications to support the hospitality industry.

Anyway, if you require any type of information management system, we're happy to dicuss it with you. Just contact us and we can talk about it.

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