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A “Chancellor” is the officer of the royal household who served as the monarch's secretary or notary. The Chancellor is a notary, so that he may certify official documents, and often has other duties at the discretion of his lord; he may be in charge of some aspect of finances or of managing the personnel connected with the lord’s offices.

Chancellor is an application that helps manage employees as required by the business, including their details records, leave, performance appraisal reviews and training plans. It manages the recruitment process to fill in vacant positions.

So what does Chancellor do?

Main Screen

Chancellor manages the organisation’s employee details records and leave entitlements including request for leave. It manages the recruitment process to fill in vacant positions. It manages and records the performance appraisal review process, including the generation of training plans. It manages these training plans and maintains details of training courses; both internal and external. This includes managing training providers.

Chancellor maintains types of leave and public holidays that are used by the rest of the application.

Chancellor maintain your employee’s details including their personal details, manager, next of kin, a photo, email address and network user id, employment details, renumeration details. It stores any documents, like resumes as attachments.

It can record the different positions the employee has held with the organisation; any payroll additional allowances or any deductions applicable to the employee; the banking details to use by payroll for the employee; the superannuation, if applicable, account(s) details to use by payroll for the employee; and general notes.

It can generate an employees address book and phone list.

Main Project Screen

Chancellor can produce an organisation chart, including position and photos, which can also be printed.

Chancellor allows for leave requests, while checking that the employee has enough leave available to cover the request. Any attachments can also be loaded, like a doctor’s certificate for sick leave. Prior to the manager's review, the employe can withdraw the request.

The employee's manager can review, approve or reject the leave request. The employee is notified of the the manager's decision.

Chancellor generates reports of the leave requests and the employees' leave balances.

Scheduling Screen

Chancellor supports the recruitment process to fill vacant positions. Vacant positions, for which a recruitment process should be initiated, can be recorded or upload into Chancellor and any applicable attachments relating to the position can be loaded, like a role description. Applying candidates can be recorded and any attachments relating to the candidate can be loaded, like a resumes.

Chancellor supports the interview process and records the results and comments from each interviewer. It can then calculate an overal score and rank the candidates. It will then record the final decision and the successful candidate.

Chancellor support the performance appraisal process by tracking and recording the results of the process. It allows for the generation of questions ( KPIs and Values) which can be selected for an employee's appraisal.

Chancellor records both the employee's and reviewer's rating and comments for each question and then can record the agreed rating. It can generate development plans to address concerns identified during the review or to support further development of the employee. This development plan can include internal and/or external courses.

Update Schedule Screen

Chancellor maintains a list of training providers and their courses in order to support the generation of these development plans.

Chancellor can manage an allocated employee’s training courses, including their progress and results.

The training courses are part of the development plan produced during the performance appraisal process. In this screen you can record their progress. You are also able to add additional training course that weren’t part of the original development plan.

Earn Value Screen

Chancellor is available in 5, 10 and 20 user licenses; but we're happy to negotiate any other arrangement. Just contact us.