• Our Mission

    Castellan Systems provide practical solutions for small businesses; from supporting their business operational requirements to their project management efforts. We provide information management solutions for various business operations, like hospitals, retail, hospitality and manufacturers. We also provide a full suite of solutions to support project execution.

  • Business Management Solutions

    Our Business Management solutions for small businesses provide information management solutions for various types of business operations, like hospitals and manufacturers. Information Management is just that, information management. It's just a matter of understanding what information is generated, what information needs to be stored, what information needs to be derived and who and how that information needs to be viewed. We're not building production control solutions; we leave that to industry experts.

  • Project Management Solutions

    Our Project Management solutions support the Project Management Office (PMO) to deliver for their clients. We're continually upgrading these applications to provide even more assistance to our customers.

  • Community Commitment

    We have a strong community commitment providing various solutions free of charge. These include solutions for Hospital and Non-for-Profit, or NPOs, organisations information management. It's not always about money, it's about making a difference.

  • Website Templates

    We're also provide website templates that support some of our business solutions. These are fully functioning templates and not just "pretty" front-ends. There are easy to use and adjust and offer an entry level solution for business looking to get their first website up and running as quickly as possible.

Welcome to Castellan Systems

Castellan Systems, making the life of small businesses much easier

Castellan Systems is the home of practical solutions for small businesses; while we began with solutions to support the management of Projects, now we have progressed to providing support to other type of business undertakings.

Castellan Systems is dedicated to making the life of small businesses easier. We do this with our solutions that provide you with robust and professional frameworks, while making them easy to use.

Castellan Systems prides itself in bringing innovative approaches to business needs; we do this by extensive research and practical observations of those business processes at work. Then we design comprehensive, but easy to use solutions. We are also open to suggestions from our clients on how to improve those solutions or to new ideas.

Latest News

  • May 10th, 2024

    Castellan Systems is proud to announce the release of Merchant Version 1.7 and Merchant Artisan Version 1.0

  • May 2nd, 2024

    Castellan Systems We have published a new guide, Enterprise Resource Planning Guide