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Librarian is a powerful tool that allows the Project Manager, and the whole team, keep track of project documents no matter where they are stored. It maintains a register, which meets PMI & CMM requirements, but also allows for the recording of their hard and soft copy location. It can also track import project communications, including the details of who send it and who was the receiver.

The package assists the Project Manager to quickly find project files no matter whether they are stored in a file server or a SharePoint location. It also can record the version history and holders of hard copies.

So what does Librarian do?

Main Screen

Librarian maintains a registry of projects' repository (or project file) andd is capable of recording, and linking, to the actual documment no matter whether they are stored in a file server or a SharePoint repository.

Librarian allows the definition of repository (or project file) structure of the file server/SharePoint repository. This is used when registering documents.

Librarian allows for the definition of document type and the linking to their appropriate location in the repository. This is used when providing hints as to the appropriate location to store a particular document based on the document type.

Register Screen

Risk Screen

Librarian allows multiple projects in the register with their own specific server/SharePoint repository. Librarian defines the project team that can own, generate and receive documents and correspondences.

Librarian generates document identities and tracks details of documents.

Librarian can link to documents stored on file servers or SharePoint.

Librarian maintains a document version history.

Librarian maintains a register of hard copies holders of a document.

Librarian records details of project correspondence saved to the repository.

Register Screen

Filing Slip Screen

Librarian generates filing slips to be attached to hard-copy versions of documents stored in filing systems.

Librarian is available in 5, 10 and 50 user licenses; but we're happy to negotiate any other arrangement. Just contact us.