QuarterMaster wagoner QuarterMaster Slogan

The Quartermaster Corps is responsible for supplying materials to an army in the field. QuarterMaster performs a similar role for projects, allowing the Project Manager request resources and helping the Resource Manager supply those requests.

The package assists the Project Manager to request resources required for a project. It then helps the Resource Manager to find and allocate suitable resources to meet these requests.

While QuarterMaster doesn't pretend to be a competitor of industry heavyweight products like Novient©, but it doesn't cost as much also. Castellan Systems is aware that some organisations don't always need a tool like that; it may be a case of using sledgehammer to hang a picture frame. QuarterMaster may just provide the right "bang for your bucks".

So what does QuarterMaster do?

Main Screen

QuarterMaster supports the allocation of available resources to projects; it's able to allocate resources across several projects to facilitate resource sharing.

QuarterMaster defines programmes, projects, organisational positions and skills.

QuarterMaster defines office closures when no staff are available.

Programmes Screen

Roles Screen

QuarterMaster records project role requirements.

QuarterMaster imports project role requirements from a Microsoft Project schedule.

QuarterMaster records available resource, including skills possesed.

QuarterMaster records staff annual leave and any other period of unavailability.

Resources Screen

Allocation Screen

QuarterMaster facilitates the identification and allocation of suitably skill and available resources to meet those requirements.

QuarterMaster graphically displays resource availability.

Availability Screen

As well as all that, QuarterMaster can also:
  • It graphically displays the state of request status.
  • It generates various reports and graphs showing the resourcing position.
  • It graphically displays the demand for roles and skills.

QuarterMaster is available in 5, 10 and 50 user licenses; but we're happy to negotiate any other arrangement. Just contact us.