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RAIDer stands for RAID Register. RAID is an abbreviation of Risks, Actions, Issues, Defects. RAIDer helps the Project Manager record and track them. It supports Risk Analysis workshops and the preparation of Risk Management Plans including Risk Watch Lists and Action Plans. It tracks defects in all phases of a project and import defects from review documents.

The package assists the Project Manager to perform such tasks as risk management, actions, issues and defect tracking. This functionality is contained within ProMan, but if you don't need a tool with that many features and still need to track risks, action, issues and/or defects, RAIDer may be the tool for you.

So what does RAIDer do?

Main Screen

RAIDer can manage, log and track:

  • Project Risks; i.e. the possibility of an issue that has not occurred yet, and if it occurs it would have a negative impact on a project; when a risk occurs it becomes an issue.
  • Project Actions; i.e. actions or tasks undertaken to prevent/mitigate risk or resolve issues.
  • Project Issues; i.e. a problem related to a project that is about to occur or is currently occurring. An issue must be resolved as soon as possible, otherwise it will have detrimental effects on the project.
  • Project Defects; i.e. something faulty or erroneous in an item, procedure, or component which impacts the quality of the deliverable or end product.

Hence it's name: Risks, Actions, Issues & Defects Register; i.e. RAIDer.

RAIDer manages and supports the requirements of a risk review workshop. It walks the user through the 5 key steps:

  • Define Analysis parameters.
  • Brainstorm and identify all possible risks.
  • Classify and rate risks.
  • Prepare response to risks.
  • Define action plans, for major risks.

Risk Workshop Screen

Risk Action Plans  Screen

The Risks Action Plans created during the risk review workshop can then be viewed and updated as work progresses on the project.

Remember that these are not staic documents and can change throughout the life of the project.

RAIDer records and tracks Risks to either the project's budget, schedule, scope and/or quality.

For major risks it can record the additional information, like resourcing requirements and timing & reporting requirements, can be entered.

Risk Screen

Action Screen

Actions are pro-active tasks undertaken by the project team to prevent issues or risks. These tasks may not had formed part of the original project estimate but may be essential in reducing risks to the project budget, schedule, scope and/or quality.

These can be tracked and their progress recorded. They may be included in status reports.

When an identified risk eventuates, it becomes an issue. But issues can also arise unexpectevely without any prior identification.

RAIDer records and tracks issues that are impacting the project's budget, schedule, scope and/or quality.

Issues Screen

Defects Screen

RAIDer records and tracks defects.

These defects can occur on any work product produced by the project including documents, whether a deliverable or intermediate, and system components.

RAIDer can generate:

  • A Risk Management Workbook which documents the risks and their action plans and can be used to obtain approvals and socialise the project's risk outlook.
  • An Issues and Actions Log which can be used to socialise the project's state.
  • A Defect Log which can be used to solialise the project's quality condition.

These templates are provided in the package.

Generation Screen

RAIDer is available in 5, 10 and 50 user licenses; but we're happy to negotiate any other arrangement. Just contact us.