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Taberna is a fully functional restaurant website template that can support our Tabernero application. It has email, cart and payment integration.

Payments are processed through PayPal as they are independent of any financial institution and will accept payments from bank accounts or credit cards from PayPal members or not. But if you wish, you can modify the template to integrate with your own financial institution's payment portal.

A detailed setup guide is provided with the template so you can make the basic modifications for your own setup.

home page

Taberna is a fully functional template, not just a pretty front-end. The home page gives a decent introduction to your restaurant and allows for the showcasing of various special offers.

It can send emails back to you; you will be required to define the Email server, Email address and password to use.

Taberna can display a menu, which can also be downloaded for your dine-in guests showing the meals, options and costs. An image of the meal can also be displayed.


Taberna can accept booking request for dine-in guests and allows you to define multiple dining areas within your restaurant. These requests are then sent to an email address that you define; which Tabernero's Email facilities can receive and store. It uses Google's Recaptcha service to ensure that they emails are legitimate and not produced by a bot.

Please Note: You will need to obtain a Google's Recaptcha API key which can be obtained from Google at no cost.

Taberna provides takeaway ordering facilities. A menu can be displayed from which orders are made. Once all of the items are ordered, the shopping cart can be review and payment made. As mentioned above, the template allows for payment through PayPal. An email with the order is sent back to you and one with the receipt sent to the client.

Please Note: if you use the PayPal interface provided, you will be required to setup a PayPal business account and modify the template with either your business id or the Email address defined in PayPal.