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Surveyor is an add-on to Condotiero or Almogavar will assist the management of request and ideas for project. It serves as a queue for these ideas and performs an evaluation to determine project size, suggested project complexity and costs to take the idea to the next stage. It can generate a project assessment form which can then be used to obtain approval to proceed to the next phase/stage.

Please Note: Surveyor is not a standalone application, it requires Condotiero or Almogavar to be installed. If you want more information on Condotiero, you can find it here and on Almogavar, you can find it here.

Please note: that the Surveyor functionality has been incorporated into Herald, our full Pipeline Management solution. Herald can now manage your pipeline from initial opportunity identification, all the way to project assessment and initiation. You can check it our it our here.


Surveyor assists the management of request and ideas for project. When an idea or concept is first raise, it needs to be assessed as to whether it’s a project or a task or what type of project. This is performed by following the steps in this screen and answering all questions.

The answers to the questions will determine whether the idea is a project or a task.

NewSurveyor will consider if the project is suitable for an Agile approach. Based on answers to some of the evaluation questions, an Agile approach may be suggested. If such an approach is selected, additional questions will be asked to determine a possible Agile approach.

Once the assessment has been complete it's time to prepare the proposal document by:

  • Filling in the project information field on this screen;
  • Defining the next phase scope; and
  • Defining the next phase costs.

Then Surveyor can use the Proposal button to generate the Project Assessment Form. Once an idea has been approved, a project can be initiated in Condotiero.

Main Project Screen

Licensing: The add-ons are not a standalone applications and requires Condotiero to be installed. For the one-off purchase price you will be able to register as many users as you're licensed for Condotiero; e.g. if you have a 5 user Condotiero license, you're entitled to register 5 add-on users.